Ro Neighbourhood Coffee, Riondel British Columbia

Working with Canadian Barista Institute has been great. We're opening a coffee shop and I took all the courses they have to offer. With out them I would not have felt nearly as confident in my skills as a roaster or barista, nor do I think I would've had the knowledge to create products with as much quality. They have given us a lot of good feedback and given us insight in running a business that we would have never thought about. For example how to price your menu (a lot more goes into it then you would think). The people at Canadian Barista Institute are awesome and they know what they're talking about. They make coffee making interesting, simple and fun. I'm also very excited and thankful that even though i have taken all of their courses they still will answer my questions and help me out when ever I need it. They are also completely un biased towards products and machinery, they offer trustworthy insight and are just a great group of people. Highly recommend."

Jakob Svahn, Head Roaster & Barista
RO Neighbourhood Coffee
1508 Eastman Ave, Riondel, BC V0B 2B0

Ro Neighbourhood Coffee
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