La Marzocco home prosumer espresso machine with two shot glasses being filled with espresso

Home Barista - Vancouver

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Duration: 3.5 hours
Prerequisite: No prior experience required

This class is for the coffee lover who appreciates all things espresso in the comfort of their own kitchen or home espresso bar.

Topics covered:

  • Espresso definitions
  • Espresso preparation
  • Steaming and texturing milk
  • Maintaining your equipment
  • Hands on practice

You are welcome to bring your own home espresso machine, grinder and coffee to get hands-on personalized instruction. 

This class is not regularly scheduled, so, send us an email to indicate your interest with the days of the week that best suit your schedule.

Alternatively you can register for the Barista Level One class to get similar instruction. The Barista Level 1 class is taught using commercial machines and not on your home machine. but no need for concern as the skills you learn in Level One will be transferable to your home machine.

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