Chapter 6 of the COVID-19 Coffee Survival Guide

Cold Brew Coffee

Now we are left with fresh beans and have done a pot or three in our batch drip brewers, hopefully with better results. Some of you pulled out the French Press, or your Moka Pot aka the "don't call it stove top espresso" maker.

So what is next? How about Cold Brew coffee?

My short answer to this is. Why bother? Why would you want to brew coffee in a way that makes it taste like a cheap coffee? We will cover coffee tasting later on in this series, as right now we are working on proper technicals and consistency. But for now take my word for it, cold brew or cold "Toddy" methods make quality coffees taste cheap. (Remember this statement and we will review this concept in the near future).

If this reason isn't compelling enough for you, then let's explore further why the proponents of Cold Brew coffee are so maniacal in their support of this process.

  1. “It tastes awesome!” .. no it doesn't. It is a waste of quality coffee because it makes quality coffees taste like cheap coffees. I highly doubt that sane quality coffee shops are using their best, freshest coffees to make their cold brews. Usually it's older, staling coffees.
  2. “It's really high in caffeine!”.. Are we drinking red bull? Since when is caffeine level something that should enter our decision making other than when we choose to drink decaf? If high caffeine level is a positive factor, then you should drink robusta beans, which is a separate species of coffee beans with almost twice the caffeine as the arabica species of beans. Robusta is characterized by this high caffeine content, and ability to produce lots of crema for espresso, even when very stale. Oh.. did I mention it has a chemical taste, like chewing on a rubber tire? But it's cheap, and high in caffeine, so if that's what you want, be my guest.
  3. Short answer is no, “higher caffeine” should not be a reason to drink cold brew.
  4. “It's convenient”, because I can make a bunch of it ahead of time, and drink it during the week. Yes this is true, but why are you making coffee in big batches, not fresh, and storing it for a week? Aren't these the same reasons pour over fanboys criticize drip brewers for?

So, this hypocrisy doesn't fly for me. If you like convenience, then you should like batch brew drip coffee too.

If after all this you still want to believe in Cold Brew, or cold Toddy brews, then I have to hit you with this.


Yes, cold brew can be a cesspool of bacteria that no legitimate commercial manufacturer can brew and package because it could potentially kill someone.

This is why all commercially produced store shelf cold brews MUST undergo some sort of heating or retort process to pass health standards.

You are brewing things with cold water. The back kitchen of a coffee shop isn't exactly, a sterile hospital. So when the hungover bearded barista Zachary shows up for work in the morning, he isn’t wearing a protective beard covering, let alone a N95 mask.

So think of that as you drink your cold brew.

Tomorrow I will give you some safe methods to produce a cold brew.





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